Nov 3, 2018


1. Adsense Calculator:

                      Adsense Calculator helps you calculate Adsense income, including daily, monthly and yearly income. Adsense is a Google advertising alliance; help your site get the most revenue.

2   Google Cache Checker:
                        If you want to quickly know whether your web page has been Google cached, This tool can submit multiple URLs in the same time, but must each URL as a single line.

 3. Google Index Checker:
                       With this tool, you will quickly know that Google has indexed one of your web pages. 

 4. Google Pagerank Checker:
          This tool can help you check your website's Pagerank; every web page URL in your site may have   different   Pagerank.

5.    Backlink Checker:
          Here you can quickly check the number of backlinks your site has, you will know which sites are            linking to your site.Backlink Checker tool to calculate all inbound links to the site

6.  Link Tracker:
         This tool helps you check your web page. For example, link status, Pagerank how much, in some popular search engines to be indexed or not.

 7. Facebook ID Finder:
               This tool can help you to find out Facebook ID via Facebook profile or page link(e.g.

 8. Social Network Checker:
         Do you want to know what popular social network is sharing your site? How many of your site's URL being they share? Then use this tool to check social media insights.

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