Three Ways Online Marketing Is Different Than Traditional Marketing

A business can experience a lot of success using online marketing alone, however, some of the best marketing strategies include both traditional and online components.

( -- March 9, 2018) -- You already know some of the ways online marketing is different than traditional marketing. That’s because it’s obvious. For example, a television commercial is a popular traditional marketing strategy, while creating a website that provides your business with organic searches is an online marketing strategy.
Some, like the ones listed above, are pretty obvious, but there are some not-so-obvious things that make online marketing way different than traditional marketing.

It Can Be Way Cheaper

Traditional advertising methods can be extremely expensive. That’s definitely the case when it comes to television commercials. Not only do you have to pay to create the commercial, you have to pay to play it too. Even radio and newspaper ads can be surprisingly expensive.
Online marketing is often a lot cheaper than traditional advertising methods. A few cost-effective

Online marketing ideas include:

  • Starting a blog
  • Creating video tutorials and posting them on YouTube
  • Creating an email newsletter
  • Getting the word out on social media about your business
  • Optimizing your website so it is easily searched on the internet
  • Not only is online marketing usually more cost-effective, it is usually less time consuming as well. You can post on social media without going through a middle man, while getting an ad on the TV requires you to work with a marketing specialist at your local station.

    It is Instantaneous

    One of the biggest benefits of online marketing is the fact that everything is done instantaneously.
    If you want to put an ad on the TV, you first have to create the ad. Then, you have to communicate with your local station in order to get the ad on TV.
    If you want to market online, you can get everything done by the end of the day. From posting on social media to sending out email newsletters, you can reach your customers or clients very quickly.
    Even online marketing that does take time, like content writing, may still end up being less frustrating because you don’t have to get through a lot of red tape to get it published.

    Measuring Results Is Much Different

    How you measure whether your traditional advertising campaign was successful is very different than measuring the success of an online marketing campaign. For example, you can tell if a television ad was successful if more people walked into your store, while you may have to measure online metrics like:
  • Traffic to your website
  • How many pages each visitor visits
  • The number of people reading your blog
  • The number of people who take action when visiting your site
  • How many people leave your site almost as soon as they visit

  • That’s not to say that you shouldn’t utilize traditional marketing techniques! Although a business can experience plenty of success using online marketing alone, some of the best marketing strategies include both traditional and online components. At the end of the day, it all depends on your particular customer and the products or services you have to offer.


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