Mar 15, 2017

Mobile Responsive is very important for a website – 2017

In millions of websites designing world, the mobile responsiveness must be given importance and it should not be ignored. Though it may or may not be implemented in past, it should be given priority in 2017 and beyond. Since there are mass numbers of Smartphone users who do their day to day activities only through the mobile phones, in such case we need to serve them a perfect mobile responsive website.  The one who provides a mobile responsive website to the viewers will rank higher in search engine; hence Mobile Responsive is very important for a website.

Some tips to keep your website ready for the mobile users:
1. There are few tools available to test your current website is mobile friendly or not, visit Google Mobile Friendly.
2.  Do not use flash, gif, animation while designing a website since they are not mobile friendly.
3. There few fonts and buttons separately assigned for the website designing that helps for mobile responsiveness.
4. High resolution images must be scaled down to smaller in a website this process is known to be the image optimization. The smart phones that are launched newly in markets have hi-res screens in that case we need to provide high definition images for the users in a website.
5. Always choose a mobile responsive design and layout.
6. Once the website is designed test it in all the devices like desktop, Android, iPhone and Windows devices to make sure that it can be viewed in all.
7. The site should be fast loaded, either in 3 seconds or 5 seconds not more than that. There are many tools used to check the speed of the website like Page Speed Checker
8. Webmaster tool is one of the most important things that should be included in all the websites that are designed Webmaster tool

Everyone who builds a website wants to see their website ranking in Search Engines. We design and develop a website with perfect responsive and also promote your website in Search engines
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